Downhill Wheelbarrow Racing

The background

If there's one reason that the island of Colonsay isn't famous for its downhill wheelbarrow racing, it's because we didn't bother to tell anyone about it when we invented the sport.

The rules are simple. In fact, I don't think the rules were ever fully thought through, but the concept revolves around a bunch of competitors being placed in wheelbarrows, which are raced downhill. I seem to remember it being significant that there finish line should be marked by a cliff edge.

Come to think of it, I'm not sure that 'competitors' should be used in the plural. A memory stirs that suggests that there should only be a single competitor.

Possibly the other reason that Colonsay's sport of downhill wheelbarrow racing isn't famous is that, for some reason, Duncan refused to take part.

Virtual Wheelbarrow Race

This would be the ideal place for some kind of Java/Flash virtual downhill wheelbarrow race.